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Monday, 27 February 2012

Taking Banana Bread in Nairobi to the next level!

I know that I've been silent for a short while, I've actually been busy running up and down, putting some business in order. I'm glad to announce that I've decided to finally start the bakery I've been dreaming about since last year. The beginning of this year I found a great partner, my wonderful sister, and we've been working on the logistics since then. We officially registered our business two weeks ago and have been setting up the bakery in Nairobi.
It's going to be a "cottage industry" for the time being, that meaning that we will operate from home and we will distribute the baked goods to our wonderful customers ^_^!!The only part we're left with now is finding our small bakery team, training them until we open on March 15th, 2012.
I will make sure I keep updating everyone on the progress and any upcoming offers. I thank you for your support and ask you to keep supporting us in this wonderful journey in becoming the best bakery in Nairobi and I'm very delighted to share with all of you my love of banana bread and all things quick breads! Check out my new website and if anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you ^_^!!


  1. Awesome. Glad you're finally taking off. My Banana Bread? I WANT!!!

  2. yay Thanks!! Don't worry u'll get, i'll call u by this weekend when I'm in Nairobi ^_^!

  3. Hello Evan,
    my email is: info@amari.co.ke. Thanks.