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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Baking Equipment in Kenya-Cake Decorating

This is the second post on our series of Baking  Equipment Explained. If you haven't read our previous post, you can read it here - Baking pans. This time our focus is on equipment used for cake decoration. These posts can be read in any order you would prefer. 

This post is helpful for those who would like to bake cakes at home and decorate them as well. These tools will help through every step of the cake decoration process.

1. Sifter

This is a tool used to sift dry products like flour or icing sugar. It's used to sift icing sugar into a mixing bowl before mixing it to allow for a smooth, lump-free consistency in the frosting. For baking purposes, stainless steel versions are the easiest to use and are easily found in major supermarkets. Also bake-ware shops like Topserve Ltd. They are available in medium to large sizes and range from Kshs. 50 to 300, depending on quality and size.

Stainless steel sifter

2. Cake Stand

 This tool is used to set a cake on before icing it for stability and also mobility. There are two types of stands; stationery stands which can also be used for display as well as for icing.
Plastic Cake stand (andwhataboutgrace.blogspot.com)

 Revolving cake stands are also available, especially in professional bakeries, for icing cakes.
Revolving Cake stand
They make icing a cake easier since you can move them in any direction. Cake stands are available in plastic or glass materials especially for the stationery kind. For the revolving stands, they are available in plastic or stainless steel material.  They can also be found in cake supplies shops.

3. Cake Leveler

String Cake leveler (neartonothing.blogspot.com)
This is a great professional baker's tool used to level a cake. Leveling a cake is done after the cake has cooled for at least an hour. This is when you cut the crown or top part of the cake that has peaked to create a level surface on the cake.
Cake levelers come in different sizes: small and large sizes that are adjustable.
Adjustable Cake leveler (courtesy of cakejournal.com)
String cake levelers are available at Cake supplies shops. You can also search online for distributors who sell them as well.

4. Rubber Spatula

This tool can be used to scrape the frosting from the sides of the bowl. It is also used to scoop frosting onto a cake to be decorated. It is available in different sizes and materials. You can find wooden versions of the spatula, they are affordable and functional. However they do not last as long.
wooden spatula (courtesy of etsy.com)
Spatulas are also available in silicon versions; they are more durable and flexible. However they are more expensive but completely worth it.
Rubber spatulas - diff. sizes

5. Icing Spatula

This very useful tool is used to spread frosting on a cake while decorating it. It is usually made of stainless steel material with a handle. It usually comes in a beveled shape but the smaller ones are usually straight.
Icing spatula-small (courtesy of annesfood.blogspot.com)

They are available in different sizes; from small to large. You can find them in major supermarkets, bake-ware shops like Topserve Ltd on Accra rd for around Kshs. 700 to 1,800 (depending on size). You can also search online for any vendors who may sell them online.

6. Icing Smoother

This is a professional baker's tool used for smoothing butter cream frosting on sides and tops of cakes. It is available in stainless steel or a flexible plastic or silicon. It's fitted with a handle for easy use. This tool is available in bake-ware shops in Nairobi, you can check Topserve Ltd.

7. Nylon Icing bag with Nozzles

This is a triangular shaped hand-held bag made with nylon that is used to pipe frosting through a narrow opening at one end fitted with an adjustable nozzle attachment. Different nozzle designs are used based on the shape, design or sizes required by the decorator.
Nylon icing bag with nozzles

Nylon bags are used by professional bakers because they are easy to use and clean as well. They are available in small, medium and large sizes. You can also purchase them in bake-ware shops such as Topserve Ltd . You can purchase a set; this include the bags, nozzle attachments and nozzles of different shapes; they range about Kshs. 970 to 1,300. You can also purchase the pieces separately for easy planning e.g. nylon bag (Kshs. 720 - 970), nozzle attachments (Kshs.70) and different nozzles (Kshs. 130 - 250 per piece).

8. Icing Set

This is a cake decoration set that has a narrow pipe shaped container that has a fitted nozzle on one end and a movable handle on the other end to push frosting towards the nozzle side. The icing set comes with its own set of nozzles; usually 5 - 10 pieces. The sets are usually easily available for home bakers in major supermarkets, bake-ware shops or online vendors. They come in plastic or stainless steel material. They range from Kshs.800 - 2,000.
Icing Set with nozzles (courtesy of overstock.com)

A lot of these decorating tools can be easily found in Nairobi in most leading supermarkets, bake-ware shops like Topserve Ltd and you can also search for vendors online. Any other additions and/or suggestions are always welcome. Happy Cake Decorating ^_^!

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