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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Red - Color of the Season

This month, the most prominent color is red. This is obviously due to the fact that it's Valentine's season. We're seeing a lot of ladies wearing red outfits, rocking red nail polish and of course red shoes - very exciting ^_^!

We've decided to find out some meanings and uses of this very popular color and here's what we've got.

Color - Red

Feelings the color red evokes:

 It invokes feelings of love, passion, desire, sensitivity, romance, strength, leadership, courage, determination, vigor, will-power, danger, rage, stress, action and wrath.
Romance - (breathlessbooks.wordpress.com

Physical reactions it creates:

Causes elevated blood pressure, increased libido, increased respiration, energy and even confidence.


The color red represents power and courage. It is used to focus attention and get people to make quick decision hence it's use in traffic lights, fire engines, stop signs etc.
Stop sign

It represents power hence it's use for a "red tie" worn with a suit or a red outfit in business. It's also used for VIPs with a "Red Carpet."

Meaning of Red in different cultures:

In China, red is used for good luck, happiness and prosperity. Traditional brides would wear red.
In Russia, it is associated with communism.
In South Africa, it is the color of mourning.
In Kenya, Red is used as one of the color in our flag to represent the blood shed while fighting for independence.
Kenyan flag

 Different shades or tints for the color red:

Maroon, Crimson, Scarlet, Rose, Brick, Rouge, Tomato Red etc.

This February, have fun with the color red, mix it up in any of your outfits; red tie, red pair of heels or a red purse. You can also order Red Velvet Cakes, Mini-cakes or Frosted Cupcakes from our website.
Buy a loved one a red rose and if you're single, buy yourself a rose anyway ^_^!

Have a lovely month ahead.

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