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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

5 Important Tips on Measuring Ingredients while baking at home

For our Tips on  Tuesday feature, which was supposed to be for yesterday (oops ^_^), we'll be sharing tips on measuring your ingredients when preparing to mix your batter for baking.

We hope this will be helpful while baking at home.


 1. Remember to level off when measuring dry ingredients.

Leveling off flour (courtesy: thecookinggeek.com)


When measuring dry ingredients with a measuring cup i.e. flours, cocoa powder, baking powder, regular and caster sugar. When you scoop the dry ingredients, level off with a straight object like a knife. Make sure not to pack the ingredients in the cup. Just scoop and level.

2. When measuring fats and brown sugar, make sure to pack and level.

Packing brown sugar (courtesy: joythebaker.com)

For fats such as shortening, butter and margarine; as well as brown sugar which has a sticky, wet texture. When measuring with spoons or cups, make sure to pack the ingredients in the measuring tool. When the fat or sugar is packed in properly, level it off and then use it for your recipe.

3. When measuring liquids use a liquid measuring cup.

Measuring liquids in a liquid cup (courtesy: valeriehjohnson.com)

For liquids such as milk, water, fresh juice etc, it is highly advisable to use a liquid measuring cup. It is very accurate and also very easy to use.

4. Use a kitchen scale for other unique ingredients.

Weighing ingredients with a kitchen scale (courtesy: cuisinart.ca)

For ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, cooking chocolate, grated & chocolate chips etc. It is advisable to measure the ingredients by weighing them or purchasing them in their specific weight measures, ready for use.

5. Use piece measurements as specified for other ingredients.

Piece measurements like eggs (courtesy: foodsubs.com)
For ingredients such as eggs, fresh fruit, vegetables and any other ingredients; measurement is easy, just use the recipe specified  quantity e.g. 2 large eggs or 3 pcs Ripe Bananas.

Have fun with your home baking projects and happy measuring ^_^

For any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to comment below, thank you ^_^.


  1. Thanks for this informative piece!

  2. Your welcome and thanks for reading our blog!

  3. I love your blog. Do you offer baking lessons?

  4. Thanks! Yes we just started check out our website for more info at www.amari.co.ke or just email me for details info@amari.co.ke