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Sunday, 4 January 2015


Amari has had an amazing and unbelievable year and we have all our fans to thank.

Our brand has changed a lot, for the better.


For a short recap of our amazing year; we changed our business model a bit.
We no longer sell baked products;

we now teach individuals how to bake using original charcoal ovens. We met awesome bakers and bakerettes ^_^!

We also partnered with an amazing company called Cookswell who sell energy saving jikos to bring you original charcoal ovens and Business Start-up classes at discount prices.

So excited to also announce that online classes will be available in February for those who are very far and can't attend the classes in person.
The launch date for the business start-up book has also been moved to 2016.

New book coming soon ^_^!

What are your New Year plans for 2015? Feel free to share below ^_^

Happy New Year 2015

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  1. Thanks Maureen for the awesome recipe. Please make a whole wheat/brown bread from scratch. I am thoroughly disappointed with the supermarket brown bread and would like to start making my own. I love the Nakumatt variety though, the ones with the nuts and grains sprinkled on top. Thanks again