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Saturday, 29 August 2015

We've officially moved to WordPress

Hi to all, so sorry for all the quiet - it was partly due to a bit of relocating.

As an obvious fan of Blogger; I would like to state that I've enjoyed my time on Blogger with this blog, it's almost sad that I have to move it; but it was very necessary.

WordPress offers a cleaner look and a more versatile blogging platform; I've been trying it out with a business blog of mine for the last one year and a half and I have to admit that I really like it.

It also has a large variety of plug-ins that are really helpful to a business blogger like me.

So I've decided to move and I will officially be posting from there from now on; however, the information here will remain on this blog for all to see.

For the new stuff: please follow the link below and follow the blog ASAP ^_^

Don't worry, all the posts in this blog have been imported to the new blog as well; so you can still refer to the old posts on the new Wordpress blog as well.


Thanks for reading and for being a fan; let's continue this awesome baking journey together on Wordpress!