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Baking 101

Home Baking in Kenya

5 things you Must know about baking

6 Baking Secrets Revealed

Unexpected ways to rock baking

5 quick trouble shooting tips while baking at home

10 Baking Terminologies explained

Defining what pastries are in an easier way

Baking Equipment Explained-Baking Pans

Helpful Tips & Tricks to use while baking at home

Baking Equipment Explained - Cake Decorating Tools

6 types of Icings used in Kenya for Cake decorating

Cake Mixing tools used for baking

How to Incorporate 10 unique ingredients into batter

Baking Ovens in Kenya - Bakery Equipment Explained

Helpful Tips while mixing batter 

Helpful Tips while baking with Chocolate & Cocoa powder 

Important Tips when measuring before baking

Tips on how to start a Home-baking Business

Baking Equipment Explained - Cooling & Packing Equipment (Last post on series)

5 Essential Bake-wear Items required in your Bakery


  1. this is so awesome really learned alot...wl become a guru real soon...... good work.

  2. Thanks for reading and so glad it was helpful ^_^